It is no secret that I am a Crazy Dog Mom...and I wear that title with pride.

And where do crazy dog parents gather: The Dog Park!

It is a place where your dog can run around with his/her friends and the owners are allowed to play with as many other dogs as their heart desires.

But beware, there are some etiquette tips that I do feel the need to share for some of you out there. So take a look.

1. Pick Up The Poop

No, it is not the most glamorous part of having a dog but it is a part of it. And if you don't want to pick up your dog's pop...what makes you think I do? No one wants the dog park smelling like poop so PICK. IT. UP.

2. Bring Water

There are a few dog parks at the Jersey Shore that have water fountains for the dogs but during the colder months, the pipes are shut off so they don't freeze. Bring water and share it with whoever needs. It's just common courtesy.

3. Watch Your Dog

You would be surprised how many times an owner's dog is getting a tad too aggressive during a scuffle and the owner does not notice until you are screaming for their attention. Put the phone down and focus on the living thing that you are responsible for so they don't hurt themselves or others.

4. Dress Casual

Don't you get excited when you see your friends? Well dogs are the same and as a result, run and jump and slip and slide when playing. So wear things that you don't care all that much about getting dirty because you have no right to be angry at a dog for getting you dirty at the dog park. Otherwise, you will learn the hard way.

5. Approach Dogs Carefully

If the dog you are approaching has never met you before, approach slowly and let them sniff you to give them a chance to get to know you. Do you just run up and smother a random stranger? No! You introduce yourself and may shake hands first. So don't grab them by the collar or anything aggressive because you never know how that dog or its owner will react.

Did I miss anything that grinds your gears? Comment Below!

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