This is not the first time I have written a letter like this...and I am disappointed that I have to write it again.

So if you are a pet owner -- keep reading.

This morning, I took my dog, Carolina, for our regular morning walk around a nearby fenced-in park and I could NOT believe what I saw.

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Along the perimeter of the grassy area were little "bombs," and by bombs, I mean piles of poop everywhere.

Now there are a few things here:

During this time of year, a majority of the people in the Jersey Shore area are locals who live here year round. Why aren't you taking care of what is considered to be yours?! 

Not to mention, whenever the discussion of "Should dogs be allowed on the beach during off season?" or "Should dogs be allowed on the boardwalks?" comes up, one of the first responses I always see is:

"Oh no. There will be poop and pee everywhere. Benny's don't clean up after themselves."

Well now we have the proof, it is not just the Benny's who are a part of the problem.

And I get it....sometimes you miss a poop when it is dark. We are all human. It happens.

But I am one of those dog owners that not only picks up my dog's poop but will also pick up someone else's pile a poop I see to live up to that whole "pass it on" type deal.

I am sick and tired of all dog owners being labeled as irresponsible because of a few bad eggs. And I know that a majority of you reading this right now are not a part of the bad eggs. It literally takes a small few to ruin it.

And let's not forget that these piles of poop smell awful. That is not what we want whether we are at a park, on the boardwalk or a beach.

And think about it. The Jersey Shore is an area that survives on tourism. Don't you think it looks awful if we have piles of poop throughout our parks and what not? Keep our local businesses in mind people...

Plus, if I step in one more pile of poop I am going to scream so loud the entire Jersey Shore will hear it.

This is our turf. This is our Jersey Shore.

Please take care of it.

Stay with your dog. Watch your dog. Clean up after your dog. Love your dog.

Would you ever leave a mess your child made in public?


Okay, rant over....and I thank you for reading.


Fellow Dog Mom, Nicole S. Murray.

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