Isn't this PAWsome?

Get ready because a lot more doggy puns are coming.

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Why? Because I have good news for Ocean County dog owners.

Dogs at Coindre Hall
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According to, a new dog park is coming to Toms River!

The canine-friendly area is going to be built at the already existing Silverton Park.

Just like every other dog park, all canines who use it must be licensed.

Over $240,000 has been approved for construction which means that plenty of new amenities are on the way. That is barking amazing.

Officials are already promising the area will be closed in by 4-feet tall and 10 feet tall vinyl fences. As an owner of a dog who can jump high, these fences are greatly appreciated.

This photo was not taken in a dog park but is too cute to not include. This is my sister's dog, Butterscotch.


The dog park will also come with benches anchored to concrete, a walking path, a pet waste station, new landscaping and additional handicapped spots will be added near the dog park for those with disabilities.

There will also be recycling and waste bins. (Thank goodness)

According to, "construction of the park will take a maximum of 60 days to complete once the contracts have been signed."

That is not too ruff.


But sign the contracts! What on earth are you waiting for?!

I can't wait to bring my dog Carolina to this new park. She loves to run and playing fetch with tennis balls is her absolute favorite.

P.S. It is time for bath.


Then we will call it a day by grabbing her a puppaccino on the way home.


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