If you like to kick back with a glass of vino after a stressful day (no shame in that) I've found some yummy-looking Jersey Shore wines for you!

Let's face it. Some days are just wine days. And when you've been drinking the same wine over and over again, it's time for a change. So, why not support a local winery? You contribute to local business and enjoy mouth-watering wines, it's a no-brainer, right? I've come up with a list of Jersey Shore wineries that you can buy wine from (and they're offering curbside pickup too - double yay!)

1 - Laurita Winery in New Egypt

Not only is Laurita Winery in New Egypt offering Curbside Pickup, but they'll ship wine to you (if you're living in NJ, sorry out of state relatives). They are shipping wine boxes, and curbside pickup is available on a wider variety of wines (reds, whites, sangrias, and even CHOCOLATE wine!)

2 - 4JG's Winery in Colts Neck 

There is a message on 4JG's Vineyard's website that says call ahead curbside service was available through February 14th, but their menu and curbside section of the site is still there. You do have to place a call to order, so double check on that one. They've got a selection of red and whites, and even a rosé too!

3 - Cream Ridge Winery in Cream Ridge

Cream Ridge Winery has pick-up available at Mathis House in Toms River this Friday! They've got a really delectable looking selection of flavors to choose from - fruity, sangrias, spice wines, and more. Check out the menu here.

So, what'll it be? Red, white, rosé, all of em?

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