Zombies wanted! Maybe you go all out for Zombie Walk in Asbury Park, or just love the genre of the undead? Here's your chance to be in a Netflix Original feature!

Zack Snyder is a writer/producer that has a ton of credits including a bunch of major comic and superhero movies, 300, Dawn of the Dead and more.

Zack is working a Netflix original called 'Army of the Dead,' and part of it will be shot in Atlantic City as Heery-Loftus Casting has put a call out for actors and actresses to play zombies.

According to a post on the Heery-Loftus Casting Facebook page, shooting will be in September.

While they say they're looking for men and women any ethnicity, it looks like you'll have an advantage if you:

  • Have a very slim build (they say that is important)
  • Are an amputee
  • Are athletic, in good shape, and physically fit
  • A man between the ages of 21 and 30 who is comfortable portraying a male exotic dancer. You will be wearing a speedo and chaps. Male exotic dancer experience is a plus.

Most importantly:

Please only submit if you are comfortable with fake blood, simulated levels of human decomposition, aren't sensitive to scenes of violence, smoke and walking.

To be considered, send a full body photo and close-up photo (pictures from a smartphone are fine), your phone number and height to deadarmycasting@gmail.com. Good luck! Click here for more information.

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