We follow the Jersey Shore cast closely here at 94.3 The Point. In fact, we’re supposed to have Snooki on the show in a few weeks to hang with us and chat about her new store opening in Seaside Heights.  So when I saw the news that Angelina (or Angeliners as she is fondly called on the show) was hospitalized, I dug in to learn more.

She said the stress of divorcing her husband Chris Larangeira sent her straight to the hospital.  The IG story showed her laying in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm.  Angelina said that she is hoping for “brighter days”.

Angelina wrote in her IG,

I'm not doing well at all, I need to get better. My health comes before everything else

Apparently, her immune system has suffered from stress over the past several months.  She is asking friends and family to give her time to wrap her head around all this.

I wish this pain on no one in this entire world. I hope this too shall pass and I hope brighter days are ahead of me. Stress is definitely a killer. No one lives in my bones and can understand the amount of pain I've endured lately.

She says that has been praying and trying to calm her mind during this difficult time.

I have never personally been through a divorce but I have seen family and friends endure it and it actually aged them. When someone says that something “took years off their life” there is something to that. It makes me realize now more than ever that mindfulness is linked to protecting your physical health. Thoughts become things.  I really think we forget how powerful our minds are.  If we can find a way to stay in a calm mental state then we will protect our bodies in the process.  Of course, this is easier said than done.

I’ll keep you posted on what goes on…maybe when Nicole joins us she can share some more insight.

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