We want to see where your head is at as we head into the summer tourist driving season here at the Jersey Shore. How do you at home feel about driving one of our main roads from now until Labor Day?


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You almost cannot avoid driving the Garden State Parkway and as millions head to our beaches, traffic volume will increase greatly. Let's see what "pet peeves" you have when it comes to driving on the GSP. We asked you at home to sound off.



Unsplash.com Sean Foster
Unsplash.com Sean Foster



Chris: Fortunately I don't even have to get on that highway. The speeds these fools are traveling now are nuts. Passing in the far right lane at 80 mph. No thanks.

Patricia: People's speed..and them not paying attention..drifting into other lanes..it's just ridiculous all year anymore! It used to be the safest place to travel. Now, I'll avoid it.

Bob: New Yorkers stay out of the left lane!!!!!

Pamela: Lane swervers & Accidents. Stay in your Lane & go with the Flow. Pay attention!

Samantha: NEW YORK PLATES IN THE LEFT LANE!!!!!!! They do 10-20 miles per hour LESS than the speed limit. MOVE OVER YOU BELONG IN THE FAR RIGHT LANE

Meg: People racing past in small cars slow down

Wanda: They put blinkers on a vehicle for a reason. Maybe they need to check there blinker fluid....lol

Dena: Motorcycles riding in between the lanes

Greg: Tolls are to low , I think tolls should at least be $3.50

John: My biggest complaint is rooted in nostalgic memories from my childhood and my early years as a driver. Back then, one could drive the entire length of the GSP, comfortable in the knowledge that as long as you had a cup full of quarters in your vehicle, you could pass through any toll booth. Nowadays, one had better carry a wallet or purse full of dollar bills in order to fork over the necessary $1.50 or $2.00 at some of the toll booths. And don't get me started on the topic of the necessity carrying a credit card in order to pay for your parking meter. Yikes! A quarter just doesn't buy what it used to back then.

Kathy: Since I’m further north, I’d say the narrowness of the lanes in the area between Union and the Driscoll Bridge. I get very anxious when driving through that stretch of roadway. And the construction lane shifts make it even worse.

Amy: Young GUYS riding on those “bikes” flying between lanes and popping wheelies

Teddy: Impatient people in the left lane. They need to relax with the hi-beams and tailgating.

Evelyn: How crowded the GSP gets on a Friday afternoon. Even Brick Blvd gets packed if you leave a little after 4.

Laura: All the summer birds and bennys

Judi: Not only summer All year the price of the tolls = outrageous

Leonard: Folks not using turn signals

Amanda: The question should be is there anything enjoyable about driving the parkway in the summer?

Bruce: Idiots do not keep right

Bud: Toll Prices.. I am now billed $150.00 per month.... EZ Pass.... Grrrrrr

Cyndy: The idjits

Sandy: When they skip over an Ocean County exit

Bob: That the parkway traffic ends up on rt9

Aaron: It’s New Jersey lol

Kathy: The traffic number one. The fact that it sits in certain areas and doesn't move. Second would be the idiots who weave in and out of the traffic cutting people off only to get maybe one or two cars ahead of you.....

Noemi: That person that drives 45 in the left lane holding everyone up. Move over. Don’t be annoying

Stephen: 5 dollar a gallon gas!

Frank: the crazy people who think that they are in the indy 500



That is just some of the comments that you at home submitted, thanks for your input, and if you want to share more thoughts simply post your comments below.



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