When I first heard about Guy Fieri sticking a hot dog in the middle of an apple pie for the Field of Dreams game last week, I thought "way to multitask" combining dinner with dessert. Then I thought food should never be multitasked, it should be enjoyed. It was then I saw the brilliance of the move.

Guy Fieri

According to nypost.com,  The "Apple Pie Dog" is "one juicy beef hot dog smothered in Fieri’s own bacon jam, “enveloped” in flaky pie crust and then topped with an apple mustard drizzle, demerara sugar and apple pie spice"

Also from the post

"This screwball concept came from a Fieri-Chevrolet partnership that’s seen “the cool kids from Motor City” revamp their 1975 slogan “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet go together in the good old U.S.A."

It's a good thing Fieri didn't stuff a baseball in there as well. The "Apple Pie Dog" would also be much more expensive if it came with a Chevrolet ;)

But when you think about it, it's a great combination of sweet and sour and I can easily see them in ballparks as well as grocers freezers across the country. Right next to the ice cream sundaes with bacon.

When you think of it, there are a lot of great food combinations that our parents and grandparents thought of that were probably born out of the depression, or maybe they just tasted good. Here are a few from my social media;

Scott Boland
Cottage Cheese and potato chips.
Trev; I thought you ate cottage cheese to lose the weight that you had earlier put on from the potato chips ;)

Robert E Fausak
A pineapple meatloaf Steve. My grandmother use to make them. Delicious.

Scott Soffen
Donut burgers

Scott Soffen
Chicken mole
Mexican chocolate chicken

Bob Hornsby
Peanut butter and mayonnaise slice of tomato and salt and pepper

Keith Vena
Cheeseburgers topped with sauerkraut

Susan Mary Hartman
I have not tried it but I want to ... there is a restaurant near me that does a Peanut Butter Burger !

Budda Von
Potato wedges and Italian dressing... it's Amazing!

Christine DeVore
Pineapple and Mayo. It’s a Pennsylvania Dutch thing

Jason Lee Sklar
My in-laws introduced me to olive and cream cheese sandwiches. They sounded disgusting to me...but they were really good!

Tom Zola
Pizza and egg

Michael Wilt
There is a bakery in Ocean City that sells scrapple pie. It's delicious!!

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