An interesting conversation got me thinking about then road rules in New Jersey.

My friend claimed that if a cop is driving in front of you in New Jersey, they legally cannot pull you over.

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I wasn't sure if this was true so I decided to do research.

But then, I thought back to my first few years behind the wheel: they were messy lol.

I got numerous speeding tickets, got into multiple accidents and at one point, my parents were SO CLOSE to taking my car keys away.

So....I decided to look into the most common ways drivers get pulled over in New Jersey so you know exactly which behaviors to avoid.

Some of these may seem like common sense.

But as you get used to your vehicle or the area you are living in, it can easier than you think to get loose with your driving and the rules.

So...let's NOT be like me and tighten it back up so you can get through the rest of your summer without a ticket because let's be real, that money could be used elsewhere. (Like Pina Coladas)

Another HUGE thank you to Chief Mitch A. Little of the Toms River Police Department for taking the time to speak with me regarding the topic of driving and tickets  and violations and all.

Care to see what he had to say about violations and cops driving in front of other cars? CLICK HERE!

Otherwise...buckle up and take notes.

Here we go:

The Most Common Reason A Cop Will Pull You Over In New Jersey

You want to save money and time? Don't do this....

Thank you to for some additional help with this list!

Stay safe out there.

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