We gave you a heads up about this New Jersey rule at the end of 2020 and after receiving nearly 2 feet of snow over the past two days, we thought it would be best to give you a gentle reminder.

As the Winter season continues, remember: ALWAYS CLEAN THE SNOW AND ICE OFF OF YOUR VEHICLES. 

And yes, there is an actual law that requires you to do so. It passed 10 years ago so if you need a refresher, CLICK HERE. 

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The main reason for this law is simple: the snow and ice that you leave on your car will fly off when you start driving. When it flies off, it will hit other people and fast-moving cars which can cause severe damage or even result in a catastrophic accident.

“If you’ve got a bunch of ice and snow on top of your vehicle, you’ve got a contrail like a jet airliner at high altitude,” said the American Automobile Association spokesperson, Robert Sinclair.

Plus, once your car heats up and snow and ice start to melt off, the chunks can block your view of the road.

If you choose not to listen, it will cost you a chunk of change.

Here is the break down:

If snow and ice is seen on your vehicle, you can be given a ticket between $25 to $75. And yes, you can be ticketed even if no snow or ice actually flies off of your vehicle.

If snow or ice flies off your vehicle and causes damage or injures someone else, your fine will be between $200 and $1,000. Yowza!

And if you are driving in a commercial vehicle, fines get kicked up a notch and could cost between $500 and $1,500. Can you say, "OUCH?!"

The only "grey" part of this law is how much snow and ice on cars should catch the attention of law enforcement.

“If I have powdered snow on top of my car, you’re not going to get chunks flying off," said National Motorists Association advocate, Steve Carrellas. "When it gets to be like that, you hope that law enforcement uses good judgement.”

To be safe....clean off your car because the safety of others as well as yourself is at risk.

Plus, it could cost you a chunk of change and I know there are hundreds of other ways you could spend that money. (Especially being that we are in the middle of the oh so expensive holiday season)

Stay safe, Jersey.

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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