Well didn't we just discover the perfect drink just in time for Summer?!

When I attended FOX's Master Chef premiere in Asbury Park last week, I got to meet A LOT of amazing people.

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This includes Tim Gillen, CEO of Jerzey Jungle Juice!

Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray

Ready? This will make you thirsty.

Introducing The First Ever Ready-And-Pour Jerzy Jungle Juice

Its gluten free. It's 10% ABV. And the Fruit Punch flavor screams SUMMERRR!!!

Now let's learn about it.

This drink is the first-ever, pour-and-drink Jungle Juice and their slogans really are just PERFECT for the Garden State!

"The Best Jungle Juice comes from Jersey"

"The Juice is always worth the Squeeze." 

Love it.

For now, there is only one flavor on the market. It is traditional fruit punch and I got to try it at the Master Chef premiere and it is extremely refreshing.

A little birdie also told me that a Kiwi Strawberry flavor should be rolling out within the next year!

Some more facts about this drink:

1. This drink is good as it is. All you have to do is refrigerate it and then pour over ice when you are ready.

2. It is gluten free and is made using grain alcohol.

3. It is 10% ABV which sounds like the perfect amount! Not too much. Not too little. YUMMM!

This company has only recently launched and they have already EXPLODED!

They are already offered at 3 big Jersey Shore party bars and over 60 liquor stores!

You can head to their website for their store locator but for now, here are the Jersey Shore bars to hit up to give the Jerzey Jungle Juice a try.

The Jersey Shore Party Bars Who Offer Jerzey Jungle Juice

Party's HERE!!!

And remember....THE JUICE IS ALWAYS WORTH THE SQUEEZE! HA....love that saying.

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