Have a toast with Gabby Bryan and super famous '80s rock photographer Mark Weiss! It's the August Sunset Fiesta, right from your living room, on Fri. 8/21, at 7 pm. Literally your chance to get 'backstage' with famous people!

Photo courtesy of Erika Hellstrom
Photo courtesy of Erika Hellstrom

Gabby Bryan is an actress and comedian, and she is the daughter of David Bryan (from a little band you may have heard of called Bon Jovi...)

I love when talent runs in the family.

So picture this: Cocktails delivered to your front door so that you can pour yourself a drink and then log on with a special invitation to take part in a celeb-filled cocktail hour.

What an amazing idea for a fundraiser to benefit the Monmouth Museum in Lincroft!

It's called the August Sunset Fiesta and here's how it works:

On Friday, August 21st, at 7 pm, you will have received a package with the ingredients and recipe for a special drink called a Three Olives Grape transfusion. For your donation of $75 to the Monmouth Museum, you will receive a kit that makes several drinks.

The kit includes a full size bottle of grape vodka by Three Olives, Owen's Transfusion Soda (a ginger ale/grape juice mix), cotton candy from Asbury Park Cotton Candy Co. and the drink recipe card! AND...there is no delivery charge if you live locally!

PLUS...you get a link to the Zoom Cocktail Hour featuring Guest Emcee/Comedian Gabby Bryan, a sneak peek and exclusive conversation with Mark Weiss about his book and new exhibit called the Decade That Rocked (and boy does he have stories to tell!) and you'll meet Laurel Adams, who will be mixing drinks live from the Good Life Bar.

Order your Event Kit now by CLICKING HERE!

The Monmouth Museum is a nonprofit organization and the funds raised from this event will go toward their Arts in Education Program. In fact Mark Weiss is taking bids on some of his iconic photos of Bruce Springsteen & Clarence Clemmons, Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Brett Michaels, Slash, Led Zeppelin and more! CLICK HERE to place your bids to Benefit The Monmouth Museum!

I love this idea: You don't have to go to the liquor store, you don't have to worry about social distancing or Covid-19, you get the delivery straight to your door and can have as many drinks as you want without having to drive, and you get to cheers with some really cool and famous people in a private virtual cocktail hour!


Tell your friends, too!

Isn't it good to know you are drinking to support the arts? Who knows...you may even see me there :)

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