I think we all remember.

Last year just hours before it was supposed to start, the well-known and decade-long Beachwood fireworks display that can be seen throughout Toms River was canceled. 😭

"We were devastated," said Beachwood Mayor Ron Roma. "We felt like we let people down, even though it was out of our control."

Well the fireworks committee is doing everything in their power to make sure that there is no repeat occurrence in 2019.

The heat actually fell onto Fireworks Extravaganza, the company responsible for putting on the show because a driver called out sick and there was no back up available to deliver the fireworks from Maryland to Beachwood.

Of course the company has received backlash but now, there is a backup plan in place and the company is even supplying this year's fireworks for no cost to make up for last year.

"There are contingency clauses in the contract," Roma said, "and I'm sure they have contingencies upon contingencies."

Glad to see everyone is learning from their mistakes and making sure that things will run smoother and better for 2019!

This has become a staple event that happens over Toms River and our sister station, 92.7 WOBM, will actually be providing the music to go along with the firework display.

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes as planned this 4th of July.

Take a look at the original article at Patch.com.

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