THIS is a hard no, nope, nah, não, non, nein, nee from me.

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You thought the story of those hand-sized Joro spiders was bad? It's about to get worse.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

How do you ask?

New Jersey is at risk for another infestation.

I'M SORRY! Don't shoot the messenger...

Have you ever heard of a Jumping Worm? Yes.....Jumping...Worm....that is what I said.

They are best known as Asian earthworms.

Well, according to, they live up to their name because these aggressive worms are known to, "thrash and jump...when they are held."

Bruh.....NOPE! Imagine the shriek that would come out of me if a worm lunged in my direction?

It gets worse.

These worms have been confirmed in Oregon, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.

For New Jersey and New York, these worms are considered, "a species of concern."

Here's why. The adults usually die out each winter but their eggs live on.

It would only take ONE MEASILY JUMPING WORM to make it to the Garden State for us to officially have an infestation because they grow scary fast

Pile of earthworms

This is the worst part.

They eat extremely fast and it does awful things for our ecosystem.

According to,  these worms, "do not target a particular organism the way many pests do. Instead, they ravage the soil on which all plant relies."

So in laments terms: they eat everything, both good and bad, which can make soil inhabitable to plants, flowers, and other organisms.

So it may not be today or tomorrow but if these Jumping Worms make it to New Jersey, our entire ecosystem will be negatively impacted.

Without plants, herbivores won't have food.

Closeup of an earthworm in the dirt

With no herbivores, carnivores will suffer. Do you see what I'm saying?

The nicknames given to these Jumping Worms over the years say it all: Jersey Wiggler, Crazy Worm, Snake Worm, Asian Jumping Worm...

I am not a happy camper.

Common Earthworm on the ground

Here is an important warning from on how to tell if a Jumping Worms infestation happens near you:

"If your soil starts to look like coffee grounds or hamburger meat and your plants are struggling to survive, you may already have an infestation."

If you see one of these guys or anything that looks like an unhatched egg, KILL IT!

Jumping Worm cocoons are most commonly found, "in tire treads, in compost or mulch and in the sale of plants."

I hate to sound so grotesque but I have the heeby-jeebies to the MAX right now.

I feel like they're crawling on me now...EWW!

So Joro Spiders, Jumping Worms, astronomical gas prices, and overall inflation on prices for everything.

What else could possibly go wrong? *Knocks on wood*

Are you not up to date on what could be in our future thanks to the Joro Spider?

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