Imagine being sued by your pet? Before you judge, let me tell you about Justice, an eight-year-old horse in Oregon, who is the survivor of severe neglect and abuse.

When rescuers removed Justice from his abusive owner, they did not think he would survive, he was so malnourished. He was also suffering from frostbite, rain rot (bacterial skin infection) and lice. His abuse resulted in permanent physical and psychological injuries that will require lifelong medical care. His complicated medical needs make finding a permanent home challenging. Currently, Justice is rehabilitating at Sound Equine Options, a nonprofit horse rescue and rehab facility in Oregon as he awaits his day in court. Justice, represented by the Animal Legal Defense, is now party to a groundbreaking lawsuit against his abuser. If the court rules in Justice’s favor, this will be the first lawsuit establishing the legal rights of animals to sue their abusers.

To learn more about Justice, click here. To the many staff members and volunteers who dedicate countless hours rescuing animals from their abusive environments and providing hope even when all seems lost…THANK YOU! #teamjustice

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