The common public response to Justin Bieber's arrest for doing very bad things -- drag racing while DUI, drinking beer, smoking pot and taking prescription drugs -- is: Where are his parents, Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber? Right there with him, and possibly a cause of the problem, as opposed to a solution.

Cops told TMZ that the Biebs was not sure exactly which Rx meds he was on. He claimed it was anti-anxiety and that his mom administered the meds to him. He said he doesn't know the name because he just takes what Pattie hands over. So either he was blaming her or she really is his "supplier."

We don't know if the Rx is in Bieber's name or if Pattie is just sharing her personal prescriptions. If the latter is the case, that's a big, fat no no. If a drug is prescribed to him by a doctor, then it's not likely going to cause him any problems. There was Xanax found during the raid of his home, so… we added two, and we got four.

The Biebs also had a blood alcohol content level of .04. Without getting too mathematical, that equals REALLY bad.

And what about dad Jeremy, who is heavily tattooed like his eldest son and often hanging with him?

Well, Jeremy, 38, was with the Biebs in Miami when he was arrested, and he was part of the goon squad that blocked off the residential street, creating a makeshift drag racing strip for Bieber, which lead to the arrest.

Papa Bear Biebs was also with his son at SET nightclub a few hours before the arrest. Sounds like these two behave like brothers.

We know Bieber is 19 and on the cusp of adulthood, but parents' jobs are not done when their child turns 18. Parenting is a lifelong gig, and someone has to step in and get him off this path. It's leading to a VERY bad place and won't end well. He is not invincible or immune, despite the fact that he may think the opposite.

We realize he is a teen and most teens make mistakes and mess up. But most teens who smoke pot or drink while underage don't have access to really fast Lamborghinis or a crew of handlers blocking off a street to indulge their drag racing whims.

There is a chasm of difference between the Biebs and regular teens. We care about him and don't want him to do something that ends his life. So don't hate on us, Beliebers, for saying that.

Scooter Braun, manager extraordinaire, to the rescue? Bueller? Bueller?