Derrick Coleman is a fullback for the Super Bowl bound Seattle Seahawks. He received a heartwarming letter from a  9 year old New Jersey girl. You see, the two have something in common. Little Riley is hearing impaired, and Coleman is legally deaf.

Derrick Coleman (Jonathan Ferrey, Getty Images)

What Coleman did after receiving the letter couldn't be sweeter. In the letter, as reported at, Riley Kovalcik of Roxbury, told Coleman that she was rooting for him, and told him about her hearing aids and even mentioned that her twin sister also has a hearing aid. She told him to "just try your best".

Coleman realized he had a chance to make a positive difference and did just that, according to He personally replied to the letter, giving Reilly words of encouragement and even talking about the opportunity of them meeting each other someday.

In a world where sports figures who seem to disappoint everyone dominate the headlines, it's great to see a story like this one. Great job, Derrick. Thanks for understanding that a few minutes of your time can mean a lifetime of difference to someone.