There will be a Manning playing quarterback at MetLife Stadium for the Superbowl in a couple of weeks, but for Giants fans, it's clearly the wrong one.

When we first heard the Superbowl would be held in New Jersey, hopes were high that one of the teams that calls MetLife Stadium home would be represented in the big game. We're all left to wonder what could have been of course, since neither the Giants or Jets even made the playoffs.

Our dreams of seeing Geno Smith race out of the tunnel on Superbowl Sunday were dashed. And our hopes of seeing Eli raising the Lombardi Trophy once again were squashed pretty early this season.

So we are left to settle for the other Manning running around MetLife Stadium, making some Superbowl history in our stadium, and our backyard. I saw Eli celebrating Peyton's win from the confines of a luxury suite yesterday and I just shook my head and sighed. Hey, at least I get to root for a Manning. Small consolation for all of us Giants fans.

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