According to a recent survey, New Jersey is where you'll find one of America's worst stadiums, and two local teams call it home.

We have all heard New York Giants and New York Jets fans complain about how expensive MetLife Stadium is.

New Jersey Stadium Is Among The Worst In America

We have also known both fan bases to complain about how aesthetically boring the stadium is, and now the experts agree with those fans.

A recent survey, reported at The Athletic, has named MetLife Stadium the 25th worst NFL stadium in America, and that's out of only 30 stadiums on the list.

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The Stadium has an absolute neutrality to it since both teams use it, and I think that is the primary source for the complaints of how boring it looks. And I think those complaints are warranted. There's not a lot of beauty or specialness to it when you look at it.

What Are They Saying In New York?

As New Jersey residents, don't you love how New York teams take over the stadium, but I bet no New Yorkers are around to take credit for the low stadium ranking?

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Despite the reputation of high concession prices at MetLife, it turns out that even though buying food there is not cheap, the stadium ranks among the best in America for concession options, according to NJ1015.

The stadium ranks 5th best of concession options and the will surprise a lot of New Jersey residents.

The stadium is sure to get some upgrades as it gets set to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Stadium DB has reported that modernization of the stadium for the big event has already begun.

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