Let the bad parenting begin!

Admit it, even if you hate them both, you've been dying to know what they named their spawn. And here it is.

North. North West.


TMZ reports that's the official name from the birth certificate. Her nickname will reportedly be Nori. You know, like the seaweed.

That poor kid doesn't stand a chance. (Aside from the millions she has to spend on therapy later in life...)

In all honesty, I know the trend among new parents is to give your child a unique name so that they are automatically different and special (like a snowflake!), but please. North West? It's just ridiculous.

Kimye was already annoying...this is just icing on the terrible cake.

Maybe their baby girl will grow up to be the complete opposite of them!

What do you think of the name? Tell us in the comment section below!

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