The next time a friend or relative calls your love for Wawa overrated, there's now an Academy Award winner that has your back.

Kate Winslet stars in the HBO series "Mare of Easttown" where she plays the role of a detective investigating the murder of a teenage girl. It is based in a fictional town, but it was filmed in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

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As reported by Huff Post, during an episode of the podcast "The Envelope," Winslet spoke about really wanting to get a feel for the area to make her character more authentic. The first thing she did was subscribe to the local Delaware County newspaper, The Delco Times.

Winslet went on to say that a "convenience store Wawa" kept popping up in her readings. Of course, Wawa named after the town Wawa, Pennsylvania is located in Delaware County.

So, Kate decided to go see for herself what all the hype was about. She wasn't disappointed.

She said on the podcast:

It almost felt like a mythical place. By the time I got there, I was like, ‘It’s real!’ Walking into a Wawa ultimately felt like, it was kind of an honor, in a funny way, because to me that was the heart of Delco. So to finally walk through the door of a Wawa; I don’t know why I felt like, ‘Oh, yes, I’m here, I belong. This is where it’s at. Wawa.’

Do you have the same question I have? What did she get? It was just a coffee for Kate, but her co-star Evan Peters was all about the Gobbler. Winslet described the creation. was this gigantic sub, basically, or hoagie, this huge hoagie. It’s basically a Thanksgiving meal in a hoagie. He was like, ‘Oh, yeah, I just eat that thing and I pass out.’

Accurate. Not that we needed any additional validation, but #wawaislife.

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