Katy Perry admitted to being madly in love with John Mayer in her Vogue cover story earlier this summer, despite being broken up at the time. They were seemingly reunited on Fourth of July and now, they get romantic on the song 'Who You Love,' a slow-burning, 'early '80s-inspired soft rock duet.

The track is lead by Mayer in the first verse, with Perry singing under his voice in the chorus and then taking the reigns for the second verse and asserting herself throughout the rest of the song.

It's a poignant track, especially since it's two people who were once (and perhaps still are) in love singing it.

The song appears on Mayer's new album 'Paradise Valley,' out Aug. 20.

The most powerful moments come during the final third of the song, when Perry's voice rises to meet Mayer's.

She is not 'ROAR'ing here, but neither is he. She's cooing while he's gently strumming his guitar. Yet there is just as much impact.

It's really sweet and romantic, especially her giggle at the end. Adorbs.

Listen to John Mayer 'Who You Love' Feat. Katy Perry