Katy Perry‘s highly anticipated guest starring role on ‘Raising Hope’ airs tonight! True to her hard-working fashion, Perry’s been promoting the heck out of her appearance on the show. She dished on how she got the gig — and what inspired her, uh, transformative look.

Obviously, Perry’s celebrity helped her land the role above any other Jane Doe on the street — but it was also her longtime friendship with star Shannon Woodward that landed her the gig. Perry deadpanned, “Basically, Shannon called me up and said, ‘Hey what are you doing? Wanna come play a hot female on my show and show off your talents as an actress, since you have nothing else to do and all the time in the world?’”

“I just thought it was really funny,” Perry said. “Shannon and I basically like to d— around at home all the time, and we thought we would just put it in a professional atmosphere and see how it flowed. And if we could get paid for it.” Perry’s assistant became an extra on the show, as well. It pays to have famous pals!

Getting Perry to act on the show was probably a lot easier than getting her to uglify herself for the role. Rocking a Carrot Top-esque, curly red wig and some facial hair, the usually glammed up (minus her portrayal of Kathy Beth Terry in the ‘Last Friday Night’ video) Perry was really slumming it for this part! “I decided yeah, I just always wanted to look like my sister,” she joked.

When asked about her mustache, Perry answered similarly: “This is natural. I grew this myself.” Aside from the facial fuzz, Perry’s also lacking in her usual warpaint makeup. What gives? “I’m very dedicated to the role,” Perry insisted, “so much so that I’m not even wearing fake eyelashes. I feel like I’ve done the sexy thing so much, so I feel like I’m going the complete opposite. I’m terrifying!”

“I just love getting into characters that are just so opposite of who I play on a regular day-to-day basis,” Perry said. “I still feel like I play a cartoon a lot of times when I’m onstage. This time it’s just awkward.”

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