Do you remember Mooby's? The fast-food chain in Kevin Smith's films that has been open and operating in Los Angeles?

Well one will soon be opening up at the Jersey Shore!

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MOOBY IS NOW A JERSEY COW! After an udderly wonderful run in #losangeles, the @moobyspopup is moooooving across the country to my motherland of RED BANK, NEW JERSEY for a mid-September grand opening! Details on which restaurant in town is getting temporarily bovine-sized will be forthcoming - but within a month, East Coasters can get their Cow Tipper on (in Vegan and non-Vegan versions), binge Hater Totz, swallow a Cock-Smoker chicken sandwich and wash it down with a King of the Juice! The fine folks of @jayandsilentbobstash will be operating a satellite store at Mooby’s too, featuring new merch and shirts celebrating Mooby’s Red Bank, 2020. And since I can’t miss the debut of my fake fast food eatery in the real town I was born... I’M COMING HOME to be there when the doors of Mooby’s swing wide (and maybe do a show or two)! Many thanks to @heyitsderekberry (who’s reopening his @savedbythemax in Chicago for a week) for all the work and fun in making Mooby’s happen - not only out here in #weho, but now mere miles from @quickstopgroceries! I’ll have ALL the info next week when we reveal Red Bank’s amazing eatery that reached out to us about hosting a momentary Mooby’s! Until then, go to MoobysPopUp dot com (link in my bio) to sign up for the Jersey mailing list and start getting in the moo’d for Mooby’s IRL! (Awesome Art of Parkway Mooby by @thedarknatereturns!) #KevinSmith #moobys #moobyspopup #newjersey #redbanknj #redbank #food #jayandsilentbobreboot #clerks2 #jayandsilentbob

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The Clerks actor made the big announcement on his Instagram page earlier this morning that a Mooby's pop-up location will be opening in Red Bank for a "mid-September opening."

No specific date has been set yet but Kevin has promised to keep everyone updated.

And yes...both Kevin Smith and the golden calf mascot will be coming along for the big grand opening and may even put on a live show or two in the area to celebrate the momentous occasion.

"And since I can't miss the debut of my fake fast food eatery in the real town I was born...I'M COMING HOME to be there when the doors of Mooby's swing wide (and maybe do a shore or two)!" wrote Smith on Instagram.

Kevin has already confirmed that this new pop up will offer both vegan and non-vegan food options.

Some of the menus items listed on Mooby's menu includes the "Hater Totz," "Onion Rings to rule them all," and the "Cow Tipper" which is a burger with 3 patties, cheese, pickles onions and house Mooby's sauce!

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This is kinda cool as well...there is a "Fill The Cup" which is a SPIKED Capri Sun pouch. Ummm....that has got to be one of the most amazing things i have ever heard and I hope this menu item makes it to NJ.

There will also new merchandise available for purchase to celebrate Mooby's Red Bank 2020!

Keep an eye on or updates regarding the new Jersey Shore eatery!

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