There are a lot of people who are currently celebrating over a certain green-themed legislation that passed in New Jersey yesterday.

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It is so surprise that once this announcement was made, Red Bank native and celebrity Kevin Smith already has announced how he plans to celebrate it.

Now as you can see in the tweet, Kevin gives us a link:

In the article on, it links back to but could this be a hint that Kevin Smith has more marijuana-related announcements in the future? 

I was lucky enough to interview him in September of 2020, he was very open and honest that he is a big supporter of marijuana and honestly, it would not surprise me if he invested in a marijuana based business.  In another tweet, Kevin wrote, "Eventually, they'll be thankful to you and the voters of New Jersey for both legalization and decriminalization. I thank you all too!" 

Now being that Smith just finished writing this movie less than a month ago, I am sure we have a ways to go before we start talking about a release date. 

BUT....just know that there is a Clerks III and Kevin Smith is ON IT! 

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