Recently, I let you know that Kevin Smith is going to be in town for the Mooby's Pop-Up taking place at Gianni's Pizzeria in Red Bank.

Well we got to attend and it was epic.

People got to enjoy the Cow Tipper burger, Hater Totz, Onion Rings and Mooby's merch!

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I even got to interview Kevin Smith about additional Mooby's Pop-ups, Clerks III and other upcoming projects that he has on the way.

Plus, we did also play a game with Kevin Smith questioning him on all things New Jersey. Watch below.

But if you couldn't actually be there, it is kind of hard to picture what I am describing. There is no way what you are picturing is as awesome as the event actually was.

So we got to take exclusive photos just for you.

Let's take a look:

Nicole Visits Mooby's Pop-Up With Kevin Smith In Red Bank

Kevin Smith did make it sound like additional Mooby''s Pop-ups could be happening so keep an eye on Kevin's Twitter account for updates. We will also keep you updated once we know.

Thanks for everything Kevin!

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