We have a lot of scary things at the Jersey Shore. We have the Garden State Parkway. we are home to the Asbury Circle, after all, so why shouldn't the scariest roller coaster in the world call the Jersey Shore home? Well, it does.

I think anyone who lives here knows we're talking about the immense, gargantuan Kingda Ka. However, calling it the scariest coaster in the world is quite a statement, but it can confidently be made because several sources have made the claim, not just  one.

I will tell you right up front that I'm not a coaster guy, but dozens of true coaster lovers don't even hesitate making the claim that Kingda Ka should top the list. And they're not alone. Back to those national sources that make the same claim.

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Let's just look at the facts...

The website Treehugger made their list, and right there at #1 the king of the coasters in the world is Kingda Ka.

Architecture & Design lists Kigda Ka as the third scariest coaster in the world, behind only California's Full Throttle and Taiwan's Gravity Max .

The folks at Trip Savvy have a two way tie at the top of the list of scariest roller coasters in the North America, and yes, Kingda Ka is one of them.

More proof from Pick your Trail, naming Kingda Ka the second scariest coaster in the world, trailing only the Formula Rossa in the UAE.

And when Big 7 Travel listed the World's Scariest Coasters, guess which one topped the list? Yes, Kingda Ka is #1 again.

You must be convinced by now, right? Yes, we are home to the single scariest coaster in the world. It's 45, yes, 45 stories high and gets you to nearly 130mph in 3 and a half seconds. If that's not scary, then you just don't know what scary is.

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