I simply asked people on Facebook to complete this sentence: you know you're from Marlboro when___________.

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You know you're from Marlboro when...

Donna Iacono-Nyc: every weekend your child is attending another Bar or Bat Mitzvah.

Lauren Feldbaum Gilman: someone asks you how to spell it, you reply, like the cigarette.

Matthew Robert:  you've done aerobics at MHS with Ms. Hill and Mr. Acker!

(follow up) Patricia Ann Stevenson: Or remember being picked up at the boardwalk by Stu Snyder on a bus for senior cut day?

(another follow up) Or suspended by WANDA?

Dorry Williams Pedalino: you know what "The Slaughterhouse" is, and have been there!

Kashif Siddiq: your life depends on Rt. 9 for everything.

Ed Sullivan: when you see the Emu on 520!

(follow up) Michael Ringel: when the emu and llama get out of the farm and run down Union Hill Road and drive you off the road! #needanewtire

Erin Elizabeth: the Chinese restaurants are packed on Christmas.

Rima Mukherjee: you enjoyed going to the movies right here in town at the Regal Theater off of Texas Road, but where Costco now resides...boohoo!

Felice Brody Semegram: when you remember the "Freehold Circle" and Pond Road movie theater!

Laura Fischer: You make a midnight run to Wawa for coffee or when you meet friends for lunch at Moms.

Perri Goldstein: you drive a Mustang to high school.

Michelle McGivney: most people are originally from Staten Island, Brooklyn or Queens..including me.

Ed Sullivan: when you remember when Igoe Rd. was dirt and haunted but you went down anyway with your headlights off!

Perri Goldstein: you played travel soccer or ate at Marlboro Pizza.

Melissa Whoeler: when you pay a lot of taxes and get nothing for them!!

Eric Beauchea: you are a 57-year-old woman who drives an Escalade ESV, but can't park it,  doesn't have a job or use turn signals and will kill you before missing the turn for Wegmans.

Nicole Gambardella Burns: when you decide which grocery store you are going to shop at based on whether or not you have to take a jug handle to get to it.

Erica Komito Boilen: you begged your mom to take you to the Steinbachs Mall.

Felice Brody Semegram: you remember Roy Rogers on Taylor Mills Road.

Ruth Kantor: the high school parking lot has more expensive cars than I'll ever afford!

Bruno Oswald Walter: you remember someone telling you there is a pool on the fourth floor of the Marlboro middle school.

Cindy Gissubel Napoletano: you own over 30 hooded sweatshirts and drawstring bags from bar/bat mitzvahs.

Donna Iacono-Nyc: it's 10:00 AM on a weekday and half of Marlboro is working out in the gym.

Jan Voorhees-Kwacz: when you know what Marlboro stands for.

(follow up) Patricia Ann Stevenson: Named for the "marl" that was dug from the pits and sold and used by farmers for fertilizer.

Marc Robinson: even if the parking lot is empty you still park on the sidewalk, because you're entitled, you're from Marlboro.

Beth Temes Hanley: you went to Manalapan Diner on Friday nights.

Rachel Dawn: If you went/go to Wildwood after prom.

Julius Zak: your commute to work is 2 hours each way.

Krissy Plaza: when the tooth fairy pays 6-year-olds $20 lol.

Erica Komito Boilen: you remember there was no Colts Neck High School, and there was only one middle school.

Beth Temes Hanley: If you shopped at Smith Bros.

Michelle Mld: it takes you 20 minutes to make a left onto Rt. 79.

Alan Fox: The packaging in your 10 year old oven hasn't been removed.

Dunne-Cucinelli Bernadette: Kids don't play on the street, they're all in camp, and get all gear from Dennys :))

Jacqueline Kreger: somebody says "Oh, that's where the Psychiatric hospital is."

Laura Isk: you head to 6-12 because there is no 7-11!

Ruth Kantor: you got your kid's shoes (and your) shoes at Gary's. He was the best at fitting the kids!

Amy F. Dresnack-Kravitz: When you sit for thirty minutes at a jug handle just waiting to get on 9, and it takes 40 minutes to get to the mall on a weekend day/

Jan Voorhees-Kwacz: you know Birch Hill.

Staci Recchia-Sansolo: you remember the place with indoor batting cages and arcades. I think it was on Campus Drive.

(follow up) Mimi Levitt: Grand Slam USA

Garth Gutierrez: you have a Brooklyn accent, but never lived in Brooklyn.

Linda Tick Moorstein: you rode your bike or walked to get candy at Grandmas Candy Shop on Rt 79.

Debbie Kopcho-Borden: you learned to ski (and skied) at Camp Arrowhead!

Ashwini Dhume: I am a new implant to Marlboro but this thread and my 6-year experience shows that people of Marlboro are witty and have a wicked sense of humor.. :)

What's missing? Let me know in the comments section below!

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