Many of us shop Kohl's for our clothing and accessories, but soon Kohl's may be the only store we need!

We may soon be able to do our grocery shopping at Kohl's. According to Taste of Home, the retailer is looking to make physical Kohl's stores absolutely necessary in this increasingly digital world.

You may not have noticed, but Kohl's is carefully making space in their stores by combining racks and carefully placing inventory.

So, how is this all going to work? You know how there are Starbucks at some Stop 'N Shops and Dunkin' Donuts at Shoprite? The Bucks and Dunkin' essentially lease space from the grocery stores. The same would apply to a grocery store moving into Kohl's.

Taste of Home says that there are already 300 Kohl's locations that have been identified as prime candidates for this concept.

Rumor has it that Kohl's is very friendly with Whole Foods!

The Kohl's in Toms River has the old Foodtown space that would work perfectly.

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