'90s lovers, prepare yourself...Kraft is coming for you.

A new ad features not only Vanilla Ice, but some famous ninjas too.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The food giant is launching their TMNT-themed macaroni and cheese (there's a new TMNT movie due out in May) and they've partnered up with the infamous rapper in a new ad that makes me feel really lame.

In it, Vanilla Ice is a grocery store employee (why is he dressed like Luigi??), stocking the shelves with mac and cheese, singing the TMNT hook 'Go ninja, go ninja, go!'

A mom comes up, takes a box of it, and starts dancing...Vanilla Ice joins her...dropping a 'Word to your mother!' and eventually her embarrassed-looking son throws the box into the shopping cart and walks away.

(That horrific moment when you realize you are now old enough to have a smarmy little kid who thinks he's cooler than you and your once awesome dance moves. Sigh. THOSE DANCE MOVES PROBABLY HELPED GET YOU ON THIS EARTH, KID!!!)

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