While everyone is always so focused on what to wrap and put under the tree, sometimes stuffing that stocking on the fireplace can be an after thought.

But that does not mean that the stockings need to suffer!

Take a look at some last minute, and most importantly EASY, stocking stuffer ideas that can be pulled together easily.


Just about anyone, whether young or old, will appreciate a few pieces of their favorite candy. They can save it for a rainy day and you will be the fan favorite of the holiday season.


Headphones are something that can be bought just about anywhere. Plus, it never hurts to have spare pair around.

Lottery Scratch Offs

While this gift is probably much more appropriate for an older crowd, it is something that will be the life of the party. After you're done opening presents, everyone sit down and scratch off their tickets to see if anyone won big!

Hand Sanitizer

Another one of those mini bottles that you may not initially think to carry but will be so thankful you have when you need it. Old, young, boy, or girl could use this one.

Decorative Pens

Pen designs are getting more and more creative by the day. If you find a pen with someone's favorite character on the top or even their favorite color, could be perfect for the stocking.


Your college and 20 somethings will really appreciate things like this. To you, it may just seem like another thing on the shopping list but trust me, it makes a difference and is very appreciated.


Ladies, we all know how much we love our mini bottles that we can use to go.

Did I miss anything? Comment below!

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