Are you looking for stocking stuffers that your family members will fawn over?

Well, USA Today Network has got your back and will even give you an additional 15% off all orders if you are a member!

And the best part? Everything on this list is under $25.00! Take a look!

1. Glowing 2nd Generation IOS Lightnign Charging Cable (Blue) - $12.99 / 48% Off

Have trouble keeping track of your charger? Well this glow in the dark cord will fix that problem! Plus, it would offer as a pretty cool night light if you are scared of the dark.

2. Car Air Ionizer & Purifier - $8.99 / 62% Off

Worried about those car odors? Keep this handy gadget nearby to keep your car smelling minty fresh.

3. 3-in-1 Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Kit - $9.99 / 50% Off

This kit contains three different lenses that can be attached to your phone's camera so your picture taking abilities sky rocket through the roof. Plus, you can take 180 degrees scans of a scene!

4. IllumiBowl 2.0 - $12.99 / 13% Off

Different colors are available for this globe-like night light that is motion sensory. Such a pretty little addition.

5. Eden by Lipstick Queen - $24.00

Deliciously hydrating lipstick that will make those lips pop! Work it, girl!

6. Solid BlenderCleanser: 1 oz. - $16.00

An aromatic lavender fragrance that will cleanse your skin. It is eco-friendly and easy to use.

To purchase any of these products or for additional stocking stuffer ideas, click here.

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