The 2020 list for best and worst states to drive in has been released and guess which state is much, much closer to worst than best.

According to WalletHub, here's the good news, and just about the only good news in the research. We're not the worst state in America for driving, but the Garden State is the 8th worst in the nation.

The one other bit of positive info we're getting about driving in New Jersey is that we rank 9th for safety in the nation, meaning our rankings in the other categories must be pretty bad to drag us down to #43 overall. And they are...

Traffic & Infrastructure...NJ is 48th.

Cost of Ownership & Maintenance..We are 39th.

% of Rush Hour Traffic Congestion...The Garden State is #40

No one who has ever shined up their EZ Pass and took to the roads in New Jersey would have any fantasies that we'd ever do well in a study like this, and most people are probably surprised we weren't even closer to the bottom.

But the one thing that comes out of this, and probably the most important thing is that we're actually among the states with the safest roads, and that is something to feel good about.

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