A lot of random things drive me crazy, but pretty much every winter, I'm guaranteed to see the one thing that annoys me more than anything else.


A snow covered car driving
Really, bro? (Nicole Pace)

An inconsiderate and potentially dangerous driver has cleared just enough snow from their windshield (and possibly windows) so that they can see...leaving the rest of the car covered in white.

Are you one of these drivers? Let me explain why you are a terrible person.

First, there's the fun that is dodging flying chunks of hardened snow and ice as they come flying off the car in front of you. Those little pieces may seem like nothing, but they could break a windshield, dent someone's car, or cause someone to swerve to avoid it -- causing an accident. I don't want my car to get damaged because you are too lazy to clean yours!

Second, there is a reason you have a rear windshield and rear-view mirror...like if an emergency vehicle is coming up behind you, or a car is coming up too fast, etc. If you can't see that, you're potentially putting yourself and others in danger. Just because you can't see people behind you doesn't mean they aren't there.

Third, those red lights on the back of your car? They are to make sure the person behind you knows when you're about to stop. Additionally, if visibility is low, they can help other drivers judge how far away the next car is. If those lights are covered in snow, the person behind you won't be able to see you slamming on the brakes, or simply coasting along on what you think is your own personal highway. Snow-covered tail lights are an invitation for another car to be in your trunk.

Listen, I get it...sometimes it's really iced on there, and it can be tough to get all the snow and ice off, and sometimes really stubborn bits that wouldn't move are only loosened up by wind once you're going at highway speed...but most times? It's just laziness and inconsideration.

I don't want to have to climb to get everything off my roof, I hate how long it takes to do it all, and how physically tiring it can be if it's really tough ice...but if you don't want to do it, then stay off the roads. (This goes for work trucks, vans, and tractor trailers too.)

Plus, it's a frickin law, and I'll be not-so-silently praying you get a ticket for it.


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