Thanks to the television sitcom "Seinfeld," we have Festivus, an unofficial holiday for those who don't want to be part of the commercialization of traditional holidays. Ever since Festivus was introduced, it's become a tradition to celebrate for some.

If you've never heard of Festivus, that's OK. You can learn all about its origins by clicking here. Yes, there's actually a website devoted to this that even the biggest "Seinfeld" fans will want to check out.

Here in New Jersey, this unofficial holiday is rather fitting. For one, an aluminum pole is a perfect replacement for a tree. Just drive along the New Jersey Turnpike north of the Garden State Parkway and you'll quickly see tons of pipes that resemble an aluminum pole.

As for the star? Well, that'd be the smoke and flames coming from the top. So that right there makes the Festivus tree perfect for New Jersey.

Aside from that, the Festivus traditions are also fitting. We have many grievances here in the Garden State, so being able to let it all out for the holidays would just feel great.


Speaking of grievances, that poses an important question. Who would you invite to your Festivus holiday? Although this list can be endless, there are a select few we'd love to say a few words to.

Catherine Yeulet
Catherine Yeulet

So let's have a little fun with the airing of grievances to those that frustrate New Jersians the most.

Let it out: A list of grievances for a perfect Jersey Festivus

Celebrated December 23 on the sitcom "Seinfeld." Although not technically a true holiday, it's still perfect for New Jersey.
Festivus Holiday Celebration
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