There are many ice cream shops and parlors at the Jersey Shore, but not ice cream sandwich shops.

You may have encountered the Lexylicious food truck over the past three years.

You've most likely surrendered all willpower and indulged in their custom ice cream sandwiches.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, that's a Fruity Pebbles ice cream sandwich! And it only gets better.

That would be a dark chocolate s'mores ice cream sandwich.

Soon you'll be able to enjoy these unique treats any time you want! Lexylicious is opening a shop at 512 Bay Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach!

Congratulations to Toms River's own Alexa Hesse and her team on this new adventure! I can't wait to try a Cinnamon Toast Crunch with cookie dough ice cream!

Good news! Lexylicous is staffing up. Visit their website to apply.

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