🔻 New legislation would stop book banning in NJ

🔻 Bans have been increasing in NJ, mostly books with LGBTQ themes

🔻Republicans say the legislation is an assault on parental rights

The New Jersey Legislature may soon be asked to consider what is essentially a ban on book bans in New Jersey.

Legislation sponsored by state Sen. Andrew Zwicker (D-Middlesex) would require public schools and public libraries to adopt policies that strictly prohibit "banning or restricting access to certain books."

attachment-Sen. Andrew Zwicker D-Middlesex

The bill (S3907) would also require all public and school libraries to adopt standards in the 'Library Bill of Rights' published by the American Library Association.

Any school or library that does not comply, would be subject to the withholding of state aid.

Zwicker says there has been an increase in efforts to restrict access to certain books, and "more than 80% of book banning efforts target LGBTQ+ themes or people of color."

"It is time to make NJ a state where book banning and the censorship of ideas is banned," Zwicker posted on twitter.

Some New Jersey Parents and parental advocacy groups have sought to restrict access or outright ban books and other publications that dal with gender, sexual orientation and sexual themes during this current school year.

Republicans in the legislature are already pushing back on Zwicker's legislation, suggesting it would infringe on parental rights.

Zwicker disagrees, telling NJ.com he strongly believes in parents' rights to raise their kids as they see fit, but "banning books is going too far."

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