History is fascinating but it is even better with a beer in your hand.  Ever wonder where the oldest bar in New Jersey is?  We found it and let’s just say if those walls could talk, we would be all ears.

Have you ever been to the Cedar Bridge Tavern? It’s a historic building right in the Pine Barrens in Barnegat Township.  It dates all the way back to 1740 and it is the oldest intact bar in America.  It stands at the very site of the last battle of the American Revolutionary War.

Photo credit: Cedar Bridge Tavern Archives Wiki
Photo credit: Cedar Bridge Tavern Archives Wiki

I would have paid much closer attention in history class if this was the topic matter. Apparently, it was not only used as a bar, but also as a hotel, restaurant, and rest stop for worn-out travelers.  It was sold to Ocean County by owner Rudolf Koenig back in 2008 for only $120,000.  It was actually quite an investment because they spent over two million dollars to refurbish it.

If you go there now you will see a caretaker’s cottage and an outdoor classroom as well. It is open for you to go back in time.

One of the cool discoveries, when they were renovating the tavern, was a hundred years of wallpaper.  Many layers of wallpaper were found revealing the style changes over the past 100 years.  Can you imagine what that tavern has witnessed?  It is right in our back yard so go check it out!

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