Light of Day is 20 years strong and the awareness continues to help fight Parkinson’s disease and related illnesses, ALS and PSP.  The 10 day annual festival features a series of concerts throughout several historic venues in legendary Asbury Park.  Never underestimate the power of music to help raise funds for continued research, improve treatments and provide the necessary support for the patients and their loved ones.  The first official Light of Day concert was a one-day event held in November 2000 at the Stone Pony.  Today, Light of Day is an internationally recognized tour spanning three continents, celebrating their 20th Anniversary.  You can be a part of this MUSIC with a MESSAGE event, here are some dates and details:

Jan. 12th     Light of Day: Cover Me                                                                             The Stone Pony at 1pm

Jan. 16th    Light of Day: Wonder Jam                                                                       Wonder Bar at 7pm

Jan. 17th    Light of Day: Remember Jones Performs The Who’s ‘Tommy’               Paramount Theatre at 6:30pm

Jan. 17th    Light of Day: Asbury Angels                                                                    The Stone Pony at 7pm

Jan. 18th    Light of Day: Asbury Blues                                                                      Wonder Bar at 12pm

Jan. 18th    Light of Day: 20th Anniversary                                                                Paramount Theatre at 6pm

Jan. 18th    Light of Day: Full Tilt Boogie                                                                  Wonder Bar at 7pm

Jan. 19th    Light of Day: Remembering Harry Chapin                                        Paramount Theatre at 12pm

Jan. 19th    Light of Day: Kids Rock                                                                              The Stone Pony at 12pm

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