Disney has people going absolutely wild after they announced the cast for the live-action adaption of The Lion King. The cast is pretty impressive and includes legendary actors and actresses including Beyoncé, James Earl Jones, Donald Glover, John Oliver, and Keegan Michael-Kay.

But then I got to thinking, what if everyone at Townsquare Media did our own live adaption version of The Lion King all on our own.
Who would play the villain? Who would save the day? Keep scrolling to find out....

Simba - Varacchi

Townsquare Media
Just like The Lion King's main character, 105.7 The Hawk's Varacchi is kind and is able to stand up for what is right. Plus, I think Virracchi's beard kind of looks like Simba's mane when he is older.
Townsquare Medi
94.3 The Point's Liz has blonde hair, is able to tell you the truth even when you don't want to hear it, but can be a rather entertaining companion at times. Sums up Nala pretty well if you ask me.

Mufasa - Shawn Michaels

Townsquare Media

92.7 WOBM's Morning Co-Host Shawn has been in the broadcasting industry for over 25 years so he knows what he is doing. He is wise and always carries himself with class and poise; aka the perfect charisma for Mufasa

Townsquare Media

This one is very simple because 94.3 The Point's Nicole loves food. she is always hungry and you will always find her eating. Nicole can be a great friend and very loyal, especially when you are in a bind, but unfortunately food will always trump all.

Timon - Justin Louis

Townsquare Media

92.7 WOBM's Justin gives pretty good advice but also is pretty funny. Plus, Justin and Nicole bond over their obsession over food. Doughnuts, pizza, chipotle.....all are loved in our hearts.

Zazu - Matt Ryan

Townsquare Media

94.3 The Point's Matt Is able to look at the whole picture and give you advice after weighing all of his options out. He will tell you what is good, what is bad, and what is just plain stupid.

Scar - Lou Russo

Townsquare Media

94.3 The Point's Morning Co-Host is a trouble maker in mini size; and he even has the evil laugh to match. If everything in the Townsquare Media building is calm, then Lou Russo is not satisfied.

Rafiki - Andy Chase

Townsquare Media

105.7 The Hawk's Andy has a wise and giving heart. Andy just wants to get through the day happy and with energy. Plus, plus all you need is some white spray paint for his beard and he is all set  to play Rafiki.

To check out the cast that will actually be starring in the live action version of The Lion King, click here. As a Disney fan myself, I am excited but nervous. I cannot wait to see what they come up with but if it is a botch, I will be heart broken.
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