Here is my question:  Is it OK to bathe your cat?!?  I gave our rescue kitty, Boots a bath this weekend and the sound I heard coming out of her had me thinking that she was not a fan of the experience.

OK, so I'm gonna need your expert advice here. We talked about this on the Jersey Shore Morning Show today and we are not sure if I even did the right thing. First, a bit of background. We adopted Boots the cat back when we lived in MN. She was abandoned in a Walmart parking lot as a newborn kitten. She was so thin that she looked like a skeleton when she was found.  Of course, it was our goal to give her all the comforts of life to help make up for her rough start and maybe we went a bit too far. I obviously hugged her with food because now Boots is now a pretty big girl. So big, that I'm expecting the producers of my 600 lb life to be calling to cast her on the animal edition.

Have we put her on a diet?  Yes.  However, at this point she does not exercise enough to burn off what's she already packed on and now she is so plump that she cannot clean herself like a cat should. Sooooo, I took it upon myself to give her a cat bath this weekend. Is that even a thing?  She wanted NO part of it. In fact, I had to press record on my iPhone because I swear I heard her saying "nooooooooo" when I put her in the water. Am I crazy or do you hear it too?

LOL come on, you hear it right?  In any event, she is soft and clean and over the bath thing by now. A listener messaged us today and said that there is even such a product as cat dry shampoo? Do any of you bathe your cats?

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