Wait til you read the letter this doctor wrote to thank the person who did something selfless to save him. We can all learn something from this.

Dr. Coakley practices orthodontics at Two River Orhodontics in Little Silver. He lives in Manasquan with his wife, Lisa, and two children.

There are so many people who love him and are grateful that he is alive. Doctor Coakley doesn't take a moment of this life for granted and remembers to be thankful every day that he is still here on this earth.

You see, Dr. Coakley suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. And if it wasn't for a lung doner, he might not be here right now. Someone who lost their own life ultimately saved his, and he has now written an open letter to that family for the precious gift their loved one gave to him.

To read Dr. Coakley's heartfelt letter on how an organ doner saved his life, and the tear-jerker thanks he gives to the family of the person that saved him, CLICK HERE.

Once you read his letter, it is hard not to realize how important organ donation is to save not just one, but many lives. To save parents so that they can raise their kids, to keep children alive that might otherwise not make it past a few years on this earth, and so many other tragic health issues that could be reversed with the gift of an organ. CLICK HERE to find out more about organ donation.

"Dr. Coakley is an amazing doctor to work with. He cares deeply for each patient, often spending time outside the office mentoring patients. I feel blessed to be a part of his team and learn from such a wonderful man. He reminds me to be present and thankful for life every day." - Jennifer Maes, RDA.

Dr. Coakley is also on the Regional Cleft Palate Team and provides care to infants and children of NJ by donating his time and expertise to the families of cleft children.


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