I was so excited when the Belasco Theatre extended "Network"! There are mere weeks left to see this amazing Broadway show.

(Me, Bryan Cranston, my son Ben, and Bill Timoney, photo courtesy of Bill Timoney)

If Bryan Cranston does not win the Tony award for his performance in "Network", then all is NOT right with the world.

This man is more than just a great actor -- he is a force of nature when he's on stage. The sheer sweat and tears of his speech during the first of four monologues in this performance would be enough to fell any one of us.

But the fact that he has sustained this energy and emotion for 6 shows a week during the run of this drama is nothing short of stunning.

And then he goes on to be gracious enough to take a few minutes backstage to let us into his dressing room for a chat and to shake my son Ben's hand (who is the biggest Breaking Bad fan on the planet) when he should be resting his voice between performances. We went to the matinee and he still had the evening performance to do!

(Bill Timoney and Liz Jeressi in front of Bryan Cranston wall, photo from Ben Fig)

A big, big thanks to our friend, the incredible actor Bill Timoney, not only for all of his hard work in a supporting role in "Network", but for being a great friend to our morning show and coming on the air with us every time he is involved in a TV show or movie to share all of the celebrity dirt! Stay tuned for the new and exciting projects you'll be seeing that involve Bill...as soon as he is allowed to talk about them he will be back on our show!

(Photo by Ben Fig)