LMFAO‘s ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ video features a house party scene that recalls the ’90s rap duo Kid ‘n Play — and features an ironic cameo from Kid himself.

Kid ‘n Play starred in the 1990 film ‘House Party,’ and that’s the theme of the seven-minute video, which begins with LMFAO’s ‘Sexy and I Know It’ blaring from a nearby house. A cranky neighbor complains about the noise and promises to do something about it.

The neighbor makes his way through the crowd of confetti, inflatable zebras and costumed dancers to reach the front door, where he gives RedFoo an earful. RedFoo responds by merely changing the song to ‘Sorry for Party Rocking,’ and the loud celebration continues.

The neighbor calls police, and several units are dispatched to the house. The production values are intentionally poor — the cops all travel in cardboard cutouts of cars, like you’d see in a high school play, which adds another layer of comedy to the video. When police finally show up, RedFoo turns around and puts his hands behind his back, expecting handcuffs. Instead, the cops, along with the mail carrier and pizza boy, all join the party.

About the only person who never makes it to the party is poor Sky Blu. He raps his lines from a car that appears headed for the shindig but never quite gets there. His most exciting moment comes when he randomly runs into fellow driver David Hasselhoff while stopped at a red light.

When the song concludes, an exhausted RedFoo is carried out on a stretcher, but the party goes on. As the camera focuses on one party-goer sporting an old-school Kid ‘n Play-style hi-top fade haircut, now 47-year-old Christopher “Kid” Reid starts banging on the door. In a role reversal from his early ’90s persona, Kid is now trying to stop the party. “People, can we get it quiet down here? They clearly said no house parties in the neighborhood!”

The cranky neighbor’s wife, who has joined in the fun, responds angrily: “No you did not talk like that in front of me and my new man. I got a new kid to play with. Sorry for party rocking!”

Watch the LMFAO ‘Sorry for Party Rocking’ Video

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