"The Vow" was touted as the Valentine's movie to see, and many of you listened. The movie has passed the $85 million mark and some are saying that it ranks right up there with the best love stories in a long while. "Journey 2" also had another good weekend, bringing in almost $20 million. I know some people who saw "Journey 2" at Mega Movies Stadium 13 at East Brunswick Square Mall right on Route 18, so they got to enjoy D Box Motion Seating.

D Box Motion Seating is an amazing new advancement in the movie experience. You can actually feel the movie as well as see it! It's just like watching a movie while sitting in a simulator, and the only place around here you can experience it is at Mega Movies Stadium 13!

Also, today is Terrific Tuesday, so you can check out some great deals. Just visit gomegamovies.com to get all the details! You'll love the experience at Mega Movies Stadium 13, Route 18, East Brunswick Square Mall!

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