The heartbreaking pictures surfacing on the internet of the now destroyed Caffreys Tavern in Forked River has local businesses rallying around the employees of the restaurant.

The fire, that broke out during the morning commute on Wednesday, left the popular restaurant charred and uninhabitable.

Knowing that servers, cooks, hosts and hostesses will be out of work until the restaurant is rebuilt, local companies have been offering positions for affected employees.

"Those of us who work in the restaurant industry understand the importance of working and depending of a job to care for ourselves and family." one person commented in a public forum with a picture of contact information for Alba's Pizza.

A local Ruby Tuesday's, Stone Fire Grille in Beachwood and so many other local businesses, some not even in the food industry came together to share their openings.

Unfortunately in the wake of the fire, the bills don't stop, the kids need school supplies and the family still needs to be fed. One of things that makes Ocean County great is the sense of community. We may have our differences, but when it comes down to the well being of others, we come together. We are a role model county and community.

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