A local store with a politically charged Halloween display is causing quite a stir.

Is the display racist? In bad taste? Or merely a man showing his right to free speech and expression?

The display at clothing store Skuby & Co. on 3rd Ave. in Spring Lake shows a tombstone with a photo of President Obama's face on the body of a witch doctor.

The words 'Obamacare' are under that picture, with hats on the props saying 'F.Y.B.O.' (The last two letters stand for Barack Obama...I'll let you guess what the first two stand for.)

Anti-Obama Halloween display

Store owner Bill Skuby told the Asbury Park Press he has no intention of taking down the display, which also features a pro-Mitt Romney sign.

Some charge that the display is racist, while some say it's just in poor taste to have a display portraying our President that way.

Children who go trick-or-treating in Spring Lake will likely walk past the window. On one hand, I believe this is a teachable moment. It's a great way to explain our First Amendment rights, even if it's a display I don't necessarily support.

On the other hand, some are saying the display is racist and that children shouldn't see it for that reason. Skuby said he believes it's reverse racism, if anything.

What it comes down to is that Bill Skuby is BRILLIANT, because everyone is now talking about his store, and as a business owner, what more could you want?

What do you think of the display? Share your thoughts below!

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