For many of us here at the Jersey Shore, we count the days until local summer arrives. It's the chance to reclaim the Shore as our own.

So how did the first weekend of Local Summer go? Well, about the same as most summer weekends the past four months, with bad weather in the headlines. It just isn't fair.

Many weekends this summer were marred by rain or at least the potential for rain, and that was the story this past weekend as well. This weekend was basically a washout for the Jersey Shore.

Let's think about all the things we put up with to earn us this special time of year. There was the traffic, the crowds, the bad driving, and scores of other inconveniences that come along with summer season at the Jersey Shore.

So, how sad was it to go to bed knowing that tomorrow there would be plenty of parking and plenty of room on the beach and then you wake up to the pitter patter of rain on the roof?

The answer is very sad. And kind of unfair, right? We put in the work to earn a local summer weekend and it kind of got robbed from us. Well. that's sort of been the story all summer long when it came to the weather. I guess there's always next weekend.

Where have I heard that before? Oh, that's right, just about every Monday since Memorial Day.

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