Asbury Park's single-use plastic ban went into effect on January 1. Now Asbury has company.

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According to the Asbury Park Press, Long Branch businesses have been given a grace period through the end of 2020 to "distribute, transfer or dispose [of]" plastic bags, food containers, plastic utensils, plastic straws and coffee stirrers. Enforcement will begin on January 1, 2021.

One Long Branch Councilwoman opposed the ban and wanted to wait to see what happens with the state-wide ban first. That may be because it's looking like the NJ bill that would ban on plastics will not pass due to the Assembly not voting on it.

There are two sides to the plastic ban debate. Those against it argue it will hurt local businesses, especially grocery stores, restaurants, and bars financially. Those for the ban say that plastic pollution is becoming a very real problem.

In reaction to the ban being passed, Long Branch environmental committee member  Catherine Duckett said:

I'm very much in favor of Long Branch showing leadership ecologically, socially and legislatively to make our tiny corner of the world more beautiful and safer.

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