Not too long ago, we showed you, or reminded you, of what Belmar looked like in the summer of '86. Now, you've got to check out this vintage video of Jersey Shore surfers from the 60s!

According to Tanen Brown's YouTube channel:

The Kiernan Surfing Association was founded by a group of young wave riders in 1966 who were looking for a place to surf. It all began with a beach located at the end of Kiernan Boulevard in North Long Branch, and the amazing surf that broke on its shores. In the sixties, the shifting sands off of the jetty at the end of Kiernan Boulevard had set up perfectly to deliver the largest and longest riding waves in the area, and before long some of the best surfers in New Jersey began gathering to ride these swells.

The first thing I noticed was how long the video is. But it is so interesting that I easily made it through the entire thing. What can I say, old school is cool!

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